Phase I – Online

Phase I of the V-WISE program is a 15-day online learning experience.  The purpose of this online course is to begin the process of developing a basic set of skills and competencies focused on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition, innovation, and small business management. The online course is a required component of the program, designed so participants can hit the ground running for the residency portion of the program.


Above all else the objective of Phase I is to:

Promote adaptable and reflective thinkers! Each participant should complete the online module with a self-awareness of her own strengths (and challenges) in the context of addressing problems in an entrepreneurial environment.

Further, upon completing the online course participants should be able to:

Understand the nature of the entrepreneurial process, and the great many contexts and environments in which that process is relevant.

Evaluate new venture ideas, and the underlying opportunities that give rise to those ideas.

Identify the requisite components of a comprehensive business venture strategy; to include market analysis, basic approaches to competition, marketing, selling, and financing.


The V-WISE online course will be administered through a learning management website called “Moodle.”  Each participant will be assigned a username and password to log into the site.

For the most part the online course is self-study and includes reading assignments, written assignments and group discussions Monday through Friday for the three weeks of the class. An instructor is available to facilitate discussion and answer participant questions regarding content and assignments.

An orientation will be provided on the first Monday. A syllabus and printed/electronic textbooks will be provided by the program prior to the start of the course.


Please plan to devote 1-3 hours to coursework each weekday (up to 45 hours total for the duration of the course), and to log on regularly to exchange feedback with instructors and classmates.  To accommodate work and family schedules, participants can log on at any time to complete the work (there is no set “class” time each day). Completion of Phase I is required in order to participate in the Phase II conference.


The online course occurs approximately one month prior to the conference (Phase II) and is administered using the Moodle platform.  To participate, accepted V-WISE students must select and register for a Phase II conference location and provide their one-time, $75 registration fee.