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Date: December 11, 2015 Category: View Project

Zona Schroeter – Vintage Clothin and Couper Ellis

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Zona Schroeter is a small business owner, military spouse, and graduate of V-WISE New York City 2014 and EBV-F FSU 2013.  She is the owner of two businesses:  VintageClothin.com, an online vintage clothing store that buys and sells vintage clothing, apparel and accessories from the early 1900s through 1990s, and Couper Ellis, an international executive search firm within the actuarial and senior insurance executive markets.

How It Happened: Prior to her entrepreneurial career, Schroeter worked in recruitment and helped several employers achieve successful startup.  Schroeter reflects:

“You develop business within their business, and you realize you are an entrepreneur, but for someone else.  It positions you to have the skills to do it on your own.”

Schroeter has lived and worked in four countries (the UK, Australia, Germany and the USA).  Learning more about how business is different in the U.S. prompted her to apply to the EBV-F Program at the IVMF in support of Couper Ellis.

While at the EBV Alumni Event, Schroeter was peppered with questions about her vintage wardrobe.  Having been a personal collector for 25 years, Schroeter realized she had another business opportunity right under her nose!  One year later, Schroeter joined the V-WISE New York City class to support her newly doubled entrepreneurship efforts.

A successful business woman before she was a military spouse, Schroeter maintains that the military lifestyle makes a positive contribution to entrepreneurial success:

“Constantly changing stations and towing the line for military family restrictions reinforces that you have more business integrity and honesty in your dealings.”

Zona Schroeter is a business woman, military spouse, and leading lady of V-WISE! Check her out at www.VintageClothin.com and https://www.facebook.com/couperellis/.