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Janeen Baggette – K9’s For Freedom & Independence

Janeen and BuscaJaneen Baggette is a small business owner, Air Force veteran, and graduate of V-WISE San Diego 2012. Her nonprofit business, K9’s For Freedom & Independence, trains rescued dogs to perform as service animals for military veterans, police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical service workers with PTSD and/or TBI at no cost to the recipient. They also train rescues as detection dogs for law enforcement agencies.

How It Happened: “It started as a passion to train dogs to help people…It also came with a shove by another V-WISE Graduate, Teresa Grandinetti. Marines are very good at kicking people in the butt when they need it!”

Baggette served in the US Air Force and Reserves for 9 years, first as a Medical Admin 90350, then as an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician, including a deployment to Desert Shield/Desert Storm. According to Baggette:

“My military experience has given me the drive and ambition not to sit on my butt and watch life go by. It has also given me the passion to give back to those that have given so much.”

In addition to her nonprofit work, Baggette continues to work as a Police Officer, an Investigator and Security/Personal Protection Officer with The Wolfe Group, a Senior K9 Instructor with US Small Arms, and a Security Specialist/LVN/EMT with a Disaster Medical Assistance Team. She lives with her 4 dogs and 2 cats in Texas on 4.9 acres of land where she plans to build a multipurpose training and kennel facility.

Janeen Baggette is a business woman, military veteran, and leading lady of V-WISE! Check her out at