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Georgia Marsh

GeorgiaMarshIn June 2012, Marsh assumed the responsibilities of Chief Development Officer for the WBDC. Prior to joining the WBDC, Marsh had her own advisory and consulting business and also spent a short time as a Director in KPMG’s Privacy and Information Protection Services Practice.

However, most of her distinguished career was spent in public sector executive positions at the state and federal government levels. In the state of Illinois, Marsh served as the Supervisor of Currency Exchanges, Administrator of Unclaimed Property, Director of Accounting Revenue for the Secretary of State, and Associate Director of the Department of Revenue. As a technology innovator, she was the lead architect for numerous major technology initiatives aimed at making government more accountable and accessible to businesses. She worked on these initiatives collaboratively with the U.S. Small Business Administration. It was this work that led to Marsh being recruited by the Federal Government’s General Service Administration to be the Executive in Charge of a Presidential Initiative focused on facilitating secure online transactions between businesses and the federal government.

Marsh is a nationally recognized leader in driving adoption of emerging technologies for the modernization of government. She has won many awards and honors for her pioneering work and has been an invited speaker on government modernization and online information protection at various national/international forums, conferences, panels and workshops.

In June, Marsh was named the 2015 JP Morgan Chase/NaVOBA Women Veteran Business Advocate of the Year for her work with women veterans at the WBDC and through the V-WISE (Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) program. She also had the great privilege of representing the VBOC@WBDC at the Hawaii Transition Summit in July 2015.