Another Initiative Serving Veterans and Military Families Operated by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University
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Veteran Women Igniting The Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE)

YOU RECEIVE: college level business courses, materials, one year mentorship, 2 nights in a hotel, and meals! YOU PAY: $75 registration fee and your transportation to the event - THAT'S IT! PHASE I - A 15-day online learning experience designed to teach participants the “language of business,” how to understand opportunity recognition as it relates to growing a sustainable venture, and present actionable strategies related to new venture creation. PHASE II - A 3-day entrepreneurship training event offered to cohorts of 200 women at locations across the country. Participants must complete Phase I before attending Phase II. The conference includes more than 20 distinct modules of training (representing over 40 hours of coursework!) designed for both new business owners and to support the needs of existing ventures. Topics addressed include business concepts, financing, guerrilla marketing, human resources, legal challenges, profit models, and more. PHASE III: V-WISE Biz Support provides program graduates with technical assistance to start and grow their business. Graduates will have access to incorporation services, financing services, mentorship, and opportunities for further education and skill building with the IVMF and its partners, often at a reduced or waived cost. These services are available through a password protected website.